5 Strategies for Effective Rework & PCB Repair service

No electrical/electronic device of today is void of printed circuit board or PCBs.  The PCBs provide a platform for connecting the different components through an array or intertwined circuit.  The board commonly uses copper to make the connections while plastic and other material are used to protect the open connections from unintended interference.  Ultimately, the performance of the final product depends largely on the quality of the underlying PCB.

The complexity of PCB design also means that there are quite a number of reasons where the PCB may fail to perform or not perform upto the optimum levels.  The reason for such lack of performance or under-performance is varied and is not going to be dealt with here.  But whatever is the reason, we need to find a solution to put back the equipment in fettle is necessary.  Entrusting the task to a reputed PCB repair and rework service provider will be a reasonable option, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and to minimize the turn-around time.

The demand for PCB supply has been high as ever and is ever increasing.  The short supply of PCB offers newer opportunities to those businesses involved in the rework and repair of PCBs.  Outsourcing the repair service is a viable option when compared to purchasing a new PCB.   But finding the right PCB Repair service provider is not all that easy.  PCB repair service may require anything between a small soldering fix to a major expert-level attention.  Companies such as Accurate Technologies, Pondicherry employ a streamlined process for rework and repair of PCBs.  They adopt the following multi-pronged strategy for effective rework of PCBs.

1. Transport & Handling

Transport and handling the PCBs while in transit is vital for maintaining the quality of PCBs.  Lack of proper package handling and storage facilities, may deteriorate the condition of PCBs beyond repair.  The PCBs should be guarded against physical damage at all stages of the repair service.    No chemical or abrasive that could harm the PCB should be allowed in direct contact with the PCBs.

2. Storage

One of the problems faced with PCB handling is the storage atmosphere.  Too much humidity and moist conditions affect the quality of PCB in the long run.  The humidity is therefore kept below 65% guarding against temperature (heat) build-up.  We always adopt a ‘first-in-first-out’ approach to ensure that a PCB that comes for repair does not remain idle for long in unfavourable conditions.

3. The evaluation process

Is your PCB corrosion-resistant?  Is the soldering leaded or lead-free?  Does it utilize halogen-free resin?  These are some of the corrosion points and we evaluate the product in detail upon first inspection and adopt the best methods to reduce the repair time. The common issues and problems faced with the particular board/manufacturer are analyzed to ensure smooth repair and rework. 

4. Significance of IPC certification

Even for those who are experienced in the PCB repair and rework process, it is difficult to identify the anomalies in the bare PCB.  Any amount of rework or repair in a defective PCB is bound to fail.  IPC-A-600 has set the standard for PCB workmanship quality showing all types of PCB surface and internal conditions.  It is a vital document used by everyone from PCB manufacturer to assemblers and re-workers.   Our employees have a thorough understanding of the criteria and the correct technical knowledge which is a very valuable input in providing engineering support, better timelines and cost effectiveness.

5. Division of labour

Depending upon the extent of repair or rework, the available labour is divided between boards or even between tasks.  This is one more effective way of conquering costs and establishing a highly efficient assembly line.  By splitting up the tasks required to complete the PCB rework, efficiency goes up, while the errors are minimized.

What we have listed above is just a few steps in our PCB repair service process.  We have been a leading service provider in the PCB rework and repair in and around Pondicherry.  For more information call us at  +91 9629953116 or Email albert@accuratejw.com

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