Helpful Tips For Doing Servo Drive Service

Accurate Technology is a leading supplier of Servo Drives and renders on-call repair service of all major AC and DC Servo Motors, Drives and controllers.  Servo motors and drive repair process require extreme caution and adequate care should be taken prior to conducting any disassembly of servo motor or servo drive service unit.

Servo motor and servo drives are mechanically calibrated at multiple points of the unit to ensure correct positioning of the device.  Failure to do so will cause the unit to become unusable in future.  The functioning of servo motor and servo drives is distinct and should be treated accordingly.  Accurate technology uses the following procedure to render servo drive service in a professional manner.

Most companies overlook the very first task.  At accurate technology we make it a point to always record the important aspects of the equipment like the Manufacturer, Serial number, complaint or problems, the expected time for service, urgency etc.

Whenever a servo drive fails, the industrial operations come to a grinding halt.  You need to put them back in good fettle at the earliest to minimize loss of production etc.  Count on Accurate Technology for servo drive service, irrespective of the model or brand.  To be specific, we repair some of the popular servo drive brands such as ABB, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and many more. At Accurate Technology our service, cost and even the turnaround time are all accurate.

Our battery of technicians has the expertise and wherewithal to quickly identify even the toughest problems and repair them in a jiffy.  The price is also very competitive when compared to peers.  All servo drive repairs undertaken are load tested to ensure fault-free operation, post-service.  The inputs and outputs are also tested using OEM software to ensure that the repaired unit is fully functional in every aspect.  Prior to handing over, the repaired servo drives undergo quite a few stringent quality checks, just to ensure that they do not develop complications, after handing over to customers.

It is quite common with servo motor and servo drive that the cause of failure was due to external factors.  The servo motor and drive often perform without any hitch, but stop at a fraction of inaccuracy or fault.  An outside application change or environmental change can cause fluctuations that can cause faults.  Once the cause of failure is established, the response depends upon the manufacturer and model.  Some manufacturers do not allow sale of their components resulting in difficulty in procuring them.  But don’t worry – Accurate technology can turn your defective servo drive into one that works like new again quickly and economically.

As you know, a faulty servo drive can hamper operations resulting in loss of production.  Our quick turn-around time is unparalleled and we leave no stone unturned to put your production schedule, back in operation.  For further information and clarifications, please call our customer care +91 9629953116 or email us at

Great customer service –Quality repair – Quick turnaround – Service warranty, all hallmarks of Accurate Technology

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